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Koart Residential expertly manages the entire residential development process, across all asset classes and of any scale. Included are acquisition, entitlement, horizontal infrastructure, vertical construction, and the sales & marketing stages of the development process.   Critical focus on schedule, budget and risk management is part of Koart Residential's core competency.


KRI provides the human resources, consultant-base and working capital to manage any size residential development project.


KRI is able to expertly manage the valuation & marketing for any size residential development.
Project Management & Consulting


KRI performs project feasibility analysis, onsite project management and management expertise to help companies handle high levels of growth and the resulting challenges on field operations and back-office systems.



Koart Residential, Inc.




Full-service residential real estate development and private equity investment company, with expertise throughout California.  The Company and its management team have acquired, entitled, built, sold/leased and serviced tens of thousands of homes and apartment units from hundreds of communities.  
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