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Koart Residential provides the capital and expertise to bring to market a wide range of residential real estate, ranging from large-scale masterplan communities to the efficient rehabilitation and sale of existing single-family homes.  Asset classes include both for-sale and rental communities.  Koart Residential acts both as the developer of in-house projects as well as a private equity capital source for projects sponsored by 3rd parties.
Matt Koart

Over the last 30+ years, Matt grew from a transactional real estate attorney for one of California's premier real estate law firms (Allen Matkins et al) to the CEO of a multi-billion dollar privately-held California real estate firm (Shapell Industries, Inc.). Along the way, Matt's background includes roles as VP of Land Acquisition & Entitlement for KB Home, Division President and then a Regional President for Pulte Homes.  He has managed organizational structures with up to 7 divisions and over 1,200 employees, has acquired hundreds of individual properties, and has generated billions in revenue from as many as 7,300 annual home closings.  

Chris Schimunek
​​Chief Operations Officer

With a formal education at UC-Berkeley to a ground-up, on-the-job education in all facets of the construction, purchasing and customer service roles for a large-scale production homebuilder (Pulte Homes), Chris is one of the most experienced and talented "operations" people in the industry.  Including experience as Division President at Pulte Homes, Chris has done it all.  Following his public-builder roles, he served as Vice President of Construction Operations for Blue Mountain Realty, one of California's largest (over 600 annual closings) home rehab-and-sell companies.

His ability to "run the field" is unparalleled, and his simultaneous understanding of the bigger picture makes him truly unique in the industry.
Jocelyn Jackson
Finance & Accounting
Following a start at Deloitte & Touche, Jocelyn has spent her career focused on the financing and accounting aspects of the real estate development industry, including a position as Chief Financial Officer with The Trumark Companies and Mission Valley  Homes and MVP Capital.  Jocelyn is well-versed in institutional reporting requirements and provides a very well-rounded perspective on all aspects of the development industry.

Paul Renker

Sales & Marketing

Paul specializes in sales & marketing, and spent much of his career as a VP of Sales for national home builders.  Paul's relationships in the sales segment of the industry are outstanding, as is his ability to manage the customer-face for any size sales effort.




Koart Residential, Inc.




Full-service residential real estate development and private equity investment company, with expertise throughout California.  The Company and its management team have acquired, entitled, built, sold/leased and serviced tens of thousands of homes and apartment units from hundreds of communities.  
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