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Relationships . . . 

Koart Residential has entered into private-equity transactions or service contracts with the following firms:

  • Montage Holdings (Garth Wieger)

  • The O'Brien Group (Dennis O'Brien)

  • The Kamilos Companies (Gerry Kamilos)

  • Bayless & Hicks, Inc. (John Bayless & Steve Hicks)

  • Paramount Homes (Peter Hellmann)

  • RAS Partners (Mark Rowson & Tracy Anthony)

  • Campus Properties (Michael Hooper)

  • Keech Properties (Max Keech)

  • Lehman Holdings (Eric Hoffman)

  • KB Home (Jeff McMullen)


  • Private Capital (Damon Bowers)

  • LHJS Investments (John Simonse)

  • Water Hole Land Company (Mark Dawson)

  • ​Blue Mountain Homes (Greg Owens)

  • Loyola Ventures (Erik Doyle)

  • RMRE Investments (Ryan Madson)

  • Landcastle Real Estate (Ray Goodson & Jim Brennan)

  • Pulte Homes (Steve Kalmbach)

  • Triada Construction, LLC (Dave Fiore)



Koart Residential, Inc.




Full-service residential real estate development and private equity investment company, with expertise throughout California.  The Company and its management team have acquired, entitled, built, sold/leased and serviced tens of thousands of homes and apartment units from hundreds of communities.  
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